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Augmented Dodgeball

Physical activities and active lifestyles are important remain healthy and have a good life quality. The key factor to encourage people to get involved to these activities lies in the fun, excitement and social aspects of the activity. Augmented dodgeball was built to enrich the user experience of a physical game and make it more attractive to all audiences. It is enhancing the physical dodgeball game with computer game elements. By adding virtual life points, attack power and defence power, people with different skill levels can enjoy playing together. Players are able to choose a player role that corresponds to their physical skills and liking. The progress of the game

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Squachu(Mouth training game):口腔筋トレーニングゲーム



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SITA(A tongue training system and its application):舌運動検出とその福祉応用

Children with Down syndrome have a variety of symptoms including speech and swallowing disorders. To improve these symptoms, tongue training is thought to be beneficial. However, inducing children with Down syndrome to do such training is not easy because tongue training can be an unpleasant experience for children. In addition, with no supporting technology for such training, teachers and families around such children must make efforts to induce them to undergo the training. In this research, we develop an interactive tongue training system especially for children with Down syndrome using SITA (Simple Interface for Tongue motion Acquisition) system. In this paper, we describe in detail our preliminary evaluations of SITA,

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Lip Interface:くちびるインタフェース


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STRAVIGATION(A Vibrotactile Mobile Navigation): 探検的観光支援に関する研究

Exploration-like sightseeing is wandering around an unfamiliar place, and is a way of seeing sights and enjoying novel experiences that are not mentioned in guidebooks. However, the fear of getting lost prevents tourists from engaging in exploration-like sightseeing. Current navigation devices are capable of providing effective routes to specific places, which is not compatible for this mode of sightseeing. This is because tourists tend to focus on the recommended route displayed on the device and follow it faithfully. This prevents tourists from seeing surrounding sights. Here, we propose a new navigation method called stravigation. Stravigation is a vibrotactile mobile navigation for the tourist to be able to enjoy exploration-like sightseeing.

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Shoe-Shaped I/O Interface 履き物を利用したエンターテイメントシステムの開発

In this research, we propose a shoe-shaped I/O interface. The benefits to users of wearable devices are significantly reduced if they are aware of them. Wearable devices should have the ability to be worn without requiring any attention from the user. However, previous wearable systems required users to be careful and be aware of wearing or carrying them. To solve this problem, we propose a shoe-shaped I/O interface. By wearing the shoes throughout the day, users soon cease to be conscious of them. Electromechanical devices are potentially easy to install in shoes. This report describes the concept of a shoe-shaped I/O interface, the development of a prototype system, and possible

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