Augmented Dodgeball

dscf2028Physical activities and active lifestyles are important remain healthy and have a good life quality. The key factor to encourage people to get involved to these activities lies in the fun, excitement and social aspects of the activity. Augmented dodgeball was built to enrich the user experience of a physical game and make it more attractive to all audiences. It is enhancing the physical dodgeball game with computer game elements. By adding virtual life points, attack power and defence power, people with different skill levels can enjoy playing together. Players are able to choose a player role that corresponds to their physical skills and liking. The progress of the game along with the player role information can be seen from the scoreboard throughout the course of the game. By detecting the thrower of the ball and the person who got hit, a sophisticated point system is used to make the game exciting for everyone.

Player type logos2

Players can choose between Attacker, Balanced and Defender types that all have different number of attack and defence points


The scoreboard shows the amunt of life points left (white bar) and which type of player everybody is







Public Displays

  • 2015 DCEXPO in Miraikan, Tokyo, Japan