Vection field:ベクション場による歩行誘導手法

fieldillust   Along public pathways, visual signs and audio cues are used by pedestrians to guide them into forming smoother pedestrian flows. However, often ignored or neglected, these signals require greater pedestrian attentiveness and appropriate conscious effort. To solve this problem, we have proposed the concept of “vection field”. This is a field of optical flow that cues movement according to a pedestrian’s motion. Visual stimulus within this optical flow leads pedestrians innately in specific directions without requiring direct interventions. We have implemented such a field by covering the ground with a lenticular lens screen; in this setup, neither power supply nor position tracking of pedestrians is necessary. An experimental result from our previous study shows that a vection field can direct pedestrians to one side. However, the quality of the optical flow such as image clarity and smoothness of motion was unsatisfactory in that it could cause a reduction in leading inducement. In this paper, we describe in detail a new display method involving a lenticular lens screen that yields an improvement in the quality of the vection field and ultimately pedestrian optical flow. Experiments showed improvements over previous attempts.

vectionfieldbasic本研究では,公共施設内において歩行者を直感的に片側通行に誘導させる手段として,歩行者の前進運動に応じて一方向に並進運動する視覚刺激を床面に設置する手法を提案した.実装に向け,レンチキュラレンズを用いて白と黒の縞模様が観察者の前進運動に応じて並進運動する視覚刺激を第 1 プロトタイプとして制作した.しかし縞の境界線が不明瞭である,縞の動作が不連続的である,といった 2 つの問題点が見られた.本稿ではこれらの問題点の原因を考察して解決策を提案し,さらに視覚刺激の制作に必要となるパラメータの算出を行った上で第 2 プロトタイプを作成した.第 2 プロトタイプを観察したところ,縞の境界線が明瞭で,動作も滑らかとなり第 1 プロトタイプで見られた問題点が解決されたことが確認された. 本研究は電気通信大学梶本研究室と共同で実施された.