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Pseudo-haptic feedback on softness:柔らかさの錯触覚に関する研究

In most of the research on pseudo-haptic feedback, subjects’ hands are on the desk and the visual image is provided from a monitor placed in front of them. The setup easily induces sensory conflicts for pseudo-haptic feedback between visual and haptic perception. However, subjects rarely see simultaneously their hand in motion and in a visual display. We report here our preliminary study on pseudo-haptic feedback related to tactile perception of softness. In the study, subjects hold a hand-held display with pressure sensors. A virtual object shown on the display screen changes shape according to pressures from the subject’s squeezing of the device. In this configuration, subjects are able to see

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STRAVIGATION(A Vibrotactile Mobile Navigation): 探検的観光支援に関する研究

Exploration-like sightseeing is wandering around an unfamiliar place, and is a way of seeing sights and enjoying novel experiences that are not mentioned in guidebooks. However, the fear of getting lost prevents tourists from engaging in exploration-like sightseeing. Current navigation devices are capable of providing effective routes to specific places, which is not compatible for this mode of sightseeing. This is because tourists tend to focus on the recommended route displayed on the device and follow it faithfully. This prevents tourists from seeing surrounding sights. Here, we propose a new navigation method called stravigation. Stravigation is a vibrotactile mobile navigation for the tourist to be able to enjoy exploration-like sightseeing.

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