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Bidirectional Finger Braille Device:双方向型指点字デバイス

This study is development of bidirectional finger braille device for deaf-blind people. Finger braille is one of tactual communication media for deaf-blind people; the utterer superimpose his/her hand on listener’s hand and tap listener’s index, middle and ring finger. See finger braille as a means of interpersonal communication, the finger braille device should be able to exchange the role of utterer and listener dynamically and useful for daily life. So we propose a wearable finger braille device with speakers. In this paper, we carried out experiment about the way of input-output on speakers. It was shown that speakers are reasonable for input-output element. 指点字とは,視聴覚障害者のためのコミュニケーション 手段の一つである.この指点字では,発話者が受話者の左 右それぞれの示指・中指・薬指の上に自らの指を重ね,両 手各指を点字の各点に見立て直接叩くことで点字と同様 の表現が可能となっている.近年では感情の表現・伝達の 可能性が指摘されており,より高度なコミュニケーション 手段であることが伺われる.一方で,会話のためには直

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