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Kinetic Clothes

Advances in sensor technology allow us to wear various sensors that detect bio-signals, such as body posture, body movement, heart rate and respiration rate. Compared with the many options of wearable sensors available, the options of display methods are limited. This paper proposes the Bio-Collar, which is a novel collar-shaped wearable bio-status display. The Bio-Collar indicates the wearer’s bio-status through its color and kinetic motion. Publications: Takuto Hayashi, Masaru Ohkubo, Sho Sakurai, Koichi Hirota, Takuya Nojima, “Towards Making Kinetic Garments Based on Conductive Fabric and Smart Hair”, Proceedings of UBICOMP/ISWC, 2019. (author version PDF) M. Ohkubo, M. Xue, M. Yamamura, J. Kanebako, L. Ishigami, S. Yamaguchi, T. Nojima, H. Uchiyama,

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